The Heir of Titan - Dragoon

[Astral Alliance - Fighter]

The elite of the Dragoon Corps, as Titans descended from the ancient giants, they have unparalleled courage and strength.
They are the strongest warriors of the Titans. The Deva Weapon Master Kadom has created a powerful "Dragon Slaughter Gun" tailored for the Titan's Dragoon Corps.
According to the Titan's fighting style, the weapon's structure conversion function allows the Dragoon Warriors to cope with each dangerous situation. With the help of this Special Warfare, the Dragoon Corps made outstanding achievements in the "War of the Dragon Song".
Most of the Dragoon Warriors are rough, overbearing and not good at making jokes like all Titans. They like to add Dragon Crystal and other dragon elements to their equipment to match their powerful titles of Dragoon Warrior.
After the Astral Alliance being established, the Dragoon Corps still fight at the forefront of the battlefield against the Alliance enemies.