The Scholar of Lost Magic - Arcania

[Astral Alliance - Mage]

The high-ranking Arcane masters of the Manya Temple belong to the Black Rose Mystic Association.
It is said that Manya is the descendant of the goddess of wisdom, Niah. Most of them are women, and they have been wandering since the explosion of Arde, trying to find a way to resurrect the god Arden. The young Manya children will be tested as infants.
Those with high magical talents will be accepted and trained by the Black Rose Mystic Association. Eventually she will become an Arcania or alchemist. The Arcania is more powerful and noble. With amazing talent and high intensity training, the Arcania mastered the magic of both time and space.
In order to enhance the magic ability of the Arcania, the Black Rose Mystic Association designed the special magic weapon allows them to cast magic more skillfully. Although the Arcania are physically weak, their powerful magic is what the enemies are really afraid of...